Thomas Dobczyk


Owner / BSN Construction LLC / >15 Years Experience

Money Specialty: Budget Basics, Banking/Loans

Real Estate Specialty: Property Management, Buying/Selling, Commercial RE

Life Specialty: Finances, Real Estate, Health/Habits

Non-Member Meeting Price: $75
Member Meeting Price: $50

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Work Experience

  • 12/10/2020 - Present
  • Owner/Operator
  • BSN Construction LLC
  • Present
  • Director of Development
  • Independent Concepts LLC
  • Present
  • Lead Researcher/Historian
  • Old Arizona Territory Preservation Society

Why Me?

Growing up I was a catcher in baseball; played for almost 13 years. I was told that I could have gone pro, but a shot to the head by a rival pitcher while batting ended my desire to play the game. Now at 48 I am ready to get back into the game, of catching that is. A Baseball pitcher is in need of several things to be successful; A good coach, a good team behind him, and a good catcher to practice with. Entrepreneurs need the same things that a good picture needs. I do coach many successful people, but for RLS I am ready to get back to be a practice buddy for a new generation of business and life leaders! I have a degree in science and many successful streams of income from businesses I started, manage, or sold on exit. If you're needing that practice partner that can get you the experience you need, let's set up a call.

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