Rick Kremen


Owner / Insite Builders / >15 Years Experience

Real Estate Specialty: Property Management, Renovations/Maintenance, Buying/Selling, Commercial RE

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Work Experience

  • 01/01/2004 - Present
  • Owner
  • Insite Builders
  • 01/01/1979 - Present
  • Owner
  • R & J Exterior Design

Why Me?

I have been building homes and in the construction industry for 50 years. My projects have ranged from commercial, apartment buildings, custom homes, movie theaters, and even built home furniture. I started learning at the age of 18, built a construction company, and at one point had 15-30 people working for me at one time. After 50 years, I've probably built 500 homes across the entire United States. I well versed in all aspects of construction: from excavation and concrete foundations, to finishing trim and building custom cabinets.

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